Is Lady Gaga at a career high or career low? (Opinion)

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Lady Gaga used to be on top of the world in the music industry with singles like “Poker Face,” “Just Dance” and “Born This Way.” After her latest release ARTPOP, it appears that Gaga does not have the staying power on the charts or the dedicated fan base that she once had. Sales for ARTPOP have not been high since the album dropped compared to her previous releases and Gaga has had to defend the album. Even her recent performance at SXSW, which included vomit, did not have the same appeal that it used to carry.

Gaga shocked audiences when she released her first album The Fame and Born This Way. She made headlines around the world with her music, concerts and that very famous meat dress, but now it seems normal for Gaga to be out of the box. The “Born This Way” singer could do an entire performance covered in dirt and hardly wearing any clothing and for most audiences, it would appear to be Gaga just being herself. The shock and awe has worn off. People used to want to see and would speculate on what she would do next but now it seems like another day at a normal 9-5 office.

Fame might have become a double-edged sword for Gaga, the more fame and notoriety she received the more mainstream and normal her actions became, which is the opposite of what Gaga stands for and strives to accomplish. Gaga has always been striving to be a unique individual, but now it seems as though her individuality is typical in the mainstream music industry.

Gaga is no longer shocking or grabbing the attention of mainstream audiences. Miley Cyrus has taken over that crown with her “Wrecking Ball” video and overall bizarre behavior.

This is not to say that Gaga doesn’t have a strong devoted fan base of little monsters ready to sell out her concerts and support her music, but Gaga is not the artist she once was. Now, the question becomes how does Gaga return to the top of the music industry?

Will it require more shocking performances or maybe Gaga should just focus on herself and the piano? She truly shines when the music is simple and her voice can take center stage because, after all, it is all about the music, not about meat dresses or vomit on stage.

Watch the video for “Applause” here:

Watch the video for “Poker Face” here:

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