Lady Gaga defends SXSW puking stunt on 'Today' Show, calls it 'art in its purest form' (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Lady Gaga defended her performance at South by Southwest on NBC’s Today Show on Friday, referring to the vomiting stunt as art.

Gaga spoke with Savannah Guthrie about the controversial performance of “Swine,” during which a woman who drank a bright green liquid made herself throw up all over the singer.

She said of Millie Brown, the performance artist who puked on her, "We both really believe in artistic expression and strong identities. I support her and what she does."

She continued, "ARTPOP, my new album, is about bringing art and music together and the spirit of creative rebellion. For us, that performance was art in its purest form. But we totally understand that some people won't be into it."

E! Online reports she continued to say to those who believe they did it to create controversy that the purpose of it was for the “spirit of entertaining the crowd and creating something that is really for the moment.”

One person who certainly didn’t care for the performance was Demi Lovato, who slammed the singer on Twitter for “glamorizing eating disorders.” Lovato has been extremely vocal about her struggles with it and her journey to get help and maintain a healthier lifestyle throughout the years.

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