Last perfect NCAA Tournament bracket broken

By Laura Hundemer,

As the remaining men's college basketball teams are fighting their way into the Sweet 16 round of March Madness, Saturday and Sunday, only one bracket was still perfect. Unfortunately, Brad Binder was eventually tripped up on Saturday.

Binder made quite an accomplishment to have correctly picked all of the winners up to the early part of Saturday. Even if it had remained perfect, he failed to sign up for Warren Buffett's $1 billion competition. According to the Yahoo! Sports, Binder, 23, only submitted his bracket to Yahoo Sports' Tourney Pick'em pool.

Most would think that to have a flawless bracket after so many teams have been eliminated would require extreme statistical analysis, however Binder said that it only took him about five minutes to complete his bracket.

According to Fox Sports, Binder was perfect until the Dayton and Syracuse game. Unfortunately, he didn't opt for a second upset.

Though he didn't win it all, for more reasons than one, Binder did correctly pick 36 games straight in the NCAA Tournaments. He definitely deserves props for that.



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