Laura Jane Grace talks new concept record with Against Me!

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Laura Jane Grace explained Against Me's new album and how she feels she can sing more openly now.

Grace told the Associated Press, "This isn't the first time on an Against Me! record that I've written songs dealing with those feelings, but it's the first time that I think I'm able to be interpreted correctly or being able to be taken from the correct perspective. So there was a lack of frustration going into this record that's a really good feeling."

The band’s sixth album is called Transgender Dysphoria Blues, which told a story about a transgendered prostitute. The album climbed the charts in late January and Against Me reached 23 on the Billboard charts.

Grace is married and has a 4-year-old daughter. She is transgendered and she said that going through the transition wasn’t easy. She was born Tom Gabel and has recorded with Against Me! since 1997.

Her band member, Atom Willard, stands behind the band’s strength with Grace. Other members of the band include James Bowman, according to Rolling Stone.

The band is on an international tour that concludes on June 19 in Vitoria, Spain.



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