LAX baggage theft investigation leads to 25 warrants served, multiple arrests

By Daniel S Levine,

A months long Los Angeles Police Department investigation into baggage thefts at LAX lead to multiple arrests and 25 search warrants served at 25 different locations Wednesday night.

Airport police and the LAPD served the warrants together. Airport police told NBC Los Angeles that jewelry, clothes and more items were seized by detectives at several locations across LA County. Many of the buildings searched were homes. A final count of the items seized will be released later Thursday, as the raids continued into early Thursday morning.

Many of those arrested did work at the airport, but not for the airport itself, reports KABC. They are contract service workers for several different companies and did have to undergo background checks, LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon said.

“It's a disappointment, but a fact of life, that sometimes a few people will succumb to the temptations at LAX,” Gannon said in a statement. He added that their actions aren’t representative of the “nearly 45,000 individuals who work for the nearly 350 employers here at LAX.”

Investigators said that more arrests could come.

According to The Associated Press, the investigation was spurred on by multiple reports of baggage theft at the airport. The investigation included officers going undercover in the baggage claim areas.



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