Lena Dunham apologizes for molestation joke, admits that 'SNL' has given her a broader audience

By Daniel S Levine,

Lena Dunham has learned one big lesson about becoming really famous: no more molestation jokes. The Girls creator apologized for joking about molestation on Twitter and admitted that her audience has just grown thanks to her first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Dunham’s SNL episode included plenty of jokes about the nudity on Girls, including an acclaimed sketch in which she played Eve in the Garden of Eden. She did strip down for it, albeit behind a censored block, as she joked about what it would be like if Eve was a 20-something Girls character.

While she’s been criticized before for doing so many nude scenes, one Twitter user told her she “doesn't always have to get naked.” He response was, ”Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He's been making me,” reports Entertainmentwise.

Dunham did delete the Tweet, acknowledging that it was inappropriate. She’s learned that SNL has given her the largest platform she’s ever had in her career.

“I just made and deleted a not so great molestation joke. Sorry guys. I am really sleepy,” she wrote. “SNL has a way bigger audience than our usual cozy girls audience, so I was seeing a rash of very different kinds of twitter rage.”

Later, she said she should have known better anyway. “Even naked girls get embarrassed. Sleep well and thanks for an amazing weekend,” she wrote.

Dunham is the star of Girls, which she also created and writes. The show airs on HBO and is currently in its third season.

image courtesy of NBC



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