A list of 36 of Lindsay Lohan's alleged famous hook-ups has been revealed

By Gina Masilotti,

Lindsay Lohan’s name has been popping back up in tabloids lately, and now a list of 36 of her alleged famous lovers has been revealed! The list is, also allegedly, in her handwriting, and although 18 of them are blurred out for legal reasons, some of the other 18, whose names are crystal clear, come as quite the shock.

Lohan currently stars in her own reality show on the OWN network. According to In Touch magazine, the 27-year-old actress wrote down this list of people she’s had sex with and then shared it with a group of her girlfriends while they were staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 30, 2013. The girls were “giggling and talking s**t about people in the industry,” a witness told the magazine. “It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.” Allegedly, the list was found on the floor of the hotel suite.

The source also indicated that Lindsay even had some trouble remembering who exactly she’d slept with; pausing to think of names and who each person was at times. It makes us question how likely each of these hookups may be, especially since a lot of these guys are currently in relationships, some even married.

“The list has some pretty big names on it, and they’re not all single guys,” the insider told the magazine. “This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core.”

Some of the big names on the list include Joaquin Phoenix, Zac Efron, Jamie Dornan, Colin Farrell, Justin Timberlake and even Heath Ledger. E! Online took the time to analyze each of these potential hook-ups and they came to the conclusion that most of them are very possible, given rumors and sightings over the past couple of years.

A rep of Lohan’s told Gossip Cop exclusively that the list is completely fake. “Of course it’s inaccurate,” they said. And her father, Michael Lohan, even said, “It’s not even her handwriting.” The rest of the blurred out names from this, apparently phony, list will be revealed next week when the issue is released.

Photo Courtesy of In Touch Weekly



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