Little League family terrorized for years by crazed parent

By Michelle Kapusta,

A little league coach said that his family was threatened and terrorized for years by a disgruntled woman whose son did not make the baseball team.

According to ABC News' 20/20, the DeMasi family said they feared for their safety when their East Meadow, N.Y., neighbor Janet Chiauzzi, began sending them threatening letters.

John DeMasi, who coached his son’s little league team at the time, started receiving anonymous letters in 2010. At first, the letters were more angry than threatening, claiming that the coach played favorites with the kids on the team, but soon the content in the notes began to escalate.

The content suggested that someone might harm his wife or daughter.

"I know where your wife goes every day. I know where your daughter goes to dance school," John DeMasi's wife, Linda, recalled one of the letters saying.

Other letters read, "I made it my life's goal now to observe your family on a 24/7 basis ... Just tell your wife and kids to watch themselves, especially at night."

The coach’s wife was forced to give up her part time job out of fear of the stalker.

The letters were all handwritten and when DeMasi’s wife asked Chiauzzi to sign up for a fundraiser she recognized her handwriting.

The 44-year-old admitted that she sent the letters because she was upset that her son did not make the summer travel team. Chiauzzi pleaded guilty to two felonies and six misdemeanors and received a 60-day jail sentence plus five years of probation, the New York Daily News noted.



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