Lorde lets Australian radio host know sexuality isn't something to joke about

By Victoria Greene,

Singer Lorde has no time for jokes about anyone’s sexuality and she is ready to let everyone know it.

According to Jezebel, the 17-year-old Grammy winner was interviewed for The Kyle & Jackie Show, which airs on KISS 1065 in Australia, and during the interview, Kyle Sandiland, one of the hosts, questioned Lorde’s friendship with Taylor Swift and thought it would humorous to joke about the relationship and sexuality of the women.

Lorde, however, did not share his humor.

“I see your guys' pictures everywhere. As you guys, like, together now?” Sandiland asked and when he received awkward silence, he pressed on. “Not together as in lesbians. I'm not talking about 'Ellen together.' I'm talking about, like, you guys are friendly, right?”

Sandiland was referencing everyone’s favorite daytime star and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who recently received rave reviews as host of the Oscars and Lorde did not find his ‘joke’ funny.

According to E News, Lorde kept her composure and responded appropriately.

"What do you mean you're not talking about 'Ellen together?' Is there something wrong with lesbians? Is that what you're trying to say?" the singer asked, much to Sandiland’s chagrin.

"Oh my god, no, I would love that. Are you going to confirm now that you're in a lesbian relationship with her?" the host replied.

"Don't ever try it. It's not working," Lorde said.

The rest of the interview was reportedly very tense and Lorde failed to respond to Sandiland’s attempts to butter her up and diffuse the situation by complimenting Swift’s external beauty and commenting on the friendship between the women.

“Don't get too overboard with explaining the friendship, though. We haven't got all day,” Sandiland joked when he realized Lorde was still upset and the singer responded briskly.

"I won't, believe me.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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