Lorde refuses to join Katy Perry’s world tour

By Julianne Mosher,

“Royals” singer Lorde doesn't need the help of “California Gurl” Katy Perry when it comes to touring.

Recently, the dark-haired, mysterious singer told NME, an Australian radio station, that she turned down Katy Perry’s offer to join the “Roar” singer’s newest world tour.

“In the really early stages of an artist’s career, it’s important for them to establish themselves for themselves. I’m just basically really stubborn and I want to be really independent,” she said.

“I want to be headlining my own shows instead of supporting someone else, which I think is fair enough,” she added.

Luckily, and interestingly enough, Lorde’s U.S. tour, which kicked off earlier this month, sold out when tickets went on sale in January, according to The Diplomat.

The 17-year-old Grammy winner has been obviously doing very well for herself, having recently announced that she will be teaming up with MAC Cosmetics for a new line to be released this summer.

Instead of Lorde, Perry’s fans will have to settle with groups like Capital Cities, Tegan and Sara, and Kacey Musgraves as openers, reports USA Today.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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