'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star Benzino says family feud rooted in 'money, jealousy, and envy'

By Gina DiFalco,

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Benzino, was shot at his mother’s funeral procession on Saturday by his nephew, Gai Scott. He’s now recovering and relaying his story about the tragic family feud.

In an interview with Boston.com from his hospital room, he said his nephew fired seven or eight shots and got him in the shoulder.

“I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me,” he said, adding, “I was trying to duck and dodge, drive around it, maneuver the car. ... I was bleeding a lot. I was driving with my thumb in my shoulder to try to stop the bleeding.”

As we previously reported, Scott was arrested on an armed assault with intent to murder charge.

Benzino said he didn’t attend the funeral itself because of their bitter family feud over the finances of his deceased mother. He said the feud was rooted in “Money, jealousy, and envy.”

“I didn’t want to be around them,” he said of his family. “I felt like, I didn’t want any problems. I can love my mother and there doesn’t have to be no problems with family.”

The Boston native is a rapper, star of Love and Hip Hop and CEO of Hip-Hop Weekly.



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