'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner opens up about final season

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
The Beatles' Abbey Road has a big influence on the final season

The popular Beatles record Abbey Road has had a major influence on Mad Men and its creator, Matthew Weiner.

The seventh, and final, season of Mad Men starts on April 14 and will end with a metaphor pertaining to The Beatles' album.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Weiner stated talked about always being a huge fan with the ending of the album, "almost like The Sopranos did, in the middle of a song."

Weiner explained that he's currently working on the ending of the show and it will "frame the entire 92-hour experience of the show in some way."

The creator also explained that the ending of the show will come before the setting reaches the 1970s, but he remained mum about any actual time frame for where the characters would be left.

"The intention of the show starting in 1960 was to reframe or revise people's concept of what it was like to live then, and show how similar it was to now, or how different it was — and all of the sex and all of the reframing of that, and not being Leave It to Beaver," he said, according to Rolling Stone.

The first episode of the season is called “The Beginning” which alludes to the march towards the end of Mad Men. Though coy for the most part, Weiner was willing to say that Peggy Olson will be "OK" in a "professional" way and that the "tension" around Don Draper would be examined.

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