Malaysian government searches the home of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight pilot

By Rebecca Walezak,

After the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was confirmed to have made a sudden U-turn before disappearing without a trace, police have reportedly searched the pilot’s home for more clues.

According to AFP, the data on the plane at the time it vanished shows a deliberate attempt to relocate the plane by someone on the flight, prompting many theories about what exactly happened to Flight 370.

Various Malaysian reporters stated that they saw police enter the home of Captain Zaharie Ahmad’s, who was flying the missing craft. They allegedly spent two hours in the home before leaving. Other sources reported that the 53-year-old captain has his own flight simulator in his home.

The government in Malaysia has been trying to come up with a reason to search both the pilot and the co-pilot’s homes for the last week. The radar and satellite information that recently came through gave them a reason to get a warrant. It is still unclear if the Malaysian government suspects the pilots of any crimes.

At this time, U.S. officials believe it was activity in the cockpit that caused the plane to veer off course, reports CNN.



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