Man arrested for beating teen caught showering with his stepdaughter

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Georgia man has been arrested for beating a teenager he caught stepping out of the shower with his stepdaughter.

According to the Associated Press, Clinton Antonio Ward was arrested on Tuesday and charged with battery and cruelty to children after he allegedly assaulted his stepdaughter’s boyfriend for showering with her.

WXIA reported that the two teens, both 16, got into the shower together when Ward was not home, but later they did not realize he had returned and stepped out of the bathroom together. Ward’s stepdaughter was in a towel while her boyfriend was completely nude.

Police said the 49-year-old rushed at the boy, pushed him up against the wall and began punching him in the face and chest.

After the alleged assault, Ward left the room and called police.

Officers got similar stories from each of the parties and arrested the stepfather. Authorities said that the charges against him were for punching the boy and allowing his stepdaughter to watch the assault.



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