Man finds wedding band in city dump

By Morgan Cox,

After losing his wedding band at the Veterinarian office, Gary McNeill went on a 'needle in a haystack' hunt to find it.

McNeill placed his wedding ring on the corner of the operating table, where he always does, before he began surgery on a dog at the vet. The next day after the surgery he noticed his ring was gone. According to Yahoo! News, the ring had mistakenly fallen into the trash can under the table.

The vet returned to the office the next day to check for the ring, but the trash can had already been emptied. The doctor then went to check the dumpster, but they had already dumped that as well.

"You lose your ring, that’s not a good omen," said McNeill, who has been married to his wife Barbara for 10 years.

The ring was a special one not only because of their marriage, but because it had been specially designed to represent his heritage.

Upon realizing that his wedding ring would be somewhere in the Oklahoma City landfill, McNeill knew he had to take on the challenge of searching for it there. Even though over 2,000 tons of garbage is dumped there daily, McNeill wasn't letting anything stop him from finding the special band.

"Of all the places, I take my wife to the trash dump," he joked.

The site operator directed the couple to the section where the trash truck might have dumped the trash from the office, and they began digging. NY Daily News reported that it only took the couple around an hour to find the Celtic band.

McNeill explained the exciting moment when he found the band. “I tore this sack open and dropped it on the cardboard box and the ring fell out right on the corner of that cardboard box. I said, ‘Yes!’"

The waste management noted that they have only received two calls concerning lost rings in the past 17 years and are glad to have been able to help McNeill find his ring.

“It’s not very often, but when we do, we do what we can to help them find it," said Shawn Cockrell of the waste management company.



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