Man kidnapped in Mexico tells his story

By Rebecca Walezak,

A fishing trip in Mexico turned into a life threatening situation for Shane Anderson.

While living in Monterrey last September, Anderson was reportedly taken by three individuals at gunpoint. Their demands: $20,000.

CNN reports that Anderson had gone fishing with his co-worker by his family ranch, which was in a wealthy area in Monterrey. But by knowing the dangers of living in Monterrey, Anderson had prepared himself of the possibility of being kidnapped.

“I’d been so afraid of being kidnapped, that I thought about everything I’d do if I was kidnapped,” Anderson said. “I’m a geography major and kept track of where we were, using the sun.”

After a few days in captivity, the kidnappers had gotten enough ransom money to decide to let him go. They left Anderson in the middle of nowhere to fend his way back home. Anderson managed his way to a friend’s house several hours later.

According to the Huffington Post, there was 105,628 kidnappings in 2012, only 1,317 of which were actually reported to authorities due to fear.



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