Man returns wallet containing $4,800 to owner

By Morgan Cox,

It's obvious that if you lose your wallet that contains nearly $5,000, you would most likely not expect it to be returned, especially not with the cash still inside.

According to Yahoo News, a New Jersey man, Rev. Rudolph Daniels Sr., was faced with this disappointing occurrence after losing his wallet on his walk to his home during a snowstorm.

Fortunately for Daniels, his wallet was found by Marcario Panuil, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service. When Panuil found the wallet while on his delivery route, he was surprised to find that the wallet contained $4,800, all in $100 bills.

"I need to give it back to the owner," Panuil said as he explained what his first thoughts were upon finding the wallet.

The wallet's owner was in complete shock to find the cash inside of his wallet when it was returned to him.

"I just assumed the money was gone," Daniels said. "It was unbelievable. I was speechless."

Daniels explained that he had withdrawn the large amount of cash to give to his children as a late Christmas present.

Daily Times notes that returning the wallet was not the only wonderful act offered by Panuil, but his good decision also brought forth a touching and personal story.

Panuil refused to accept a reward from Daniels, but was given a letter of appreciation as well as a $100 gift certificate from the Postal Service.

"He's a shining example," said Daniels, who is a formal postal worker.

Daniels noted that this experience has taught him a valuable lesson to not carry that much cash around in his wallet.

According to Yahoo News, there have been several other stories relating to wallets that had been returned to the rightful owner. However, none of the recent stories involved wallets with large amounts of cash inside.



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