Man stabs his boss to death for posting his picture online

By Amanda Levine ,

Another violent crime took place in Florida when a man brutally stabbed his boss to death at a West Boca restaurant for posting his picture on the internet.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that restaurant worker, Tilus Lebrun, stabbed his boss, Dimitrios Karaloukas, with a large knife in the side and back before a crowd of horrified customers during the dinner rush. Some witnesses even claim to have seen Lebrun use a meat cleaver.

Karaloukas was the owner of the restaurant, Jimmy the Green Taverna.

Not only did Karaloukas die from the stab wounds, but another worker at the restaurant was also stabbed and is in critical condition. In the police interview, Lebrun stated, "They need to learn how to respect people. I have three kids in Haiti. I know they will suffer, but they will survive.”

Lebrun claims that Karaloukas took photos without permission and then proceeded to post the pictures online, which apparently offended him greatly.

CBS 12 reported that a witness, who was a customer at the restaurant, said, "We were having dinner in the main dining room and this employee, he had a black apron on, comes running through the main dining room from the front area, carrying a large butcher knife and he comes running, through, we already heard a racket up front and people started screaming."

Lebrun is being held in Palm Beach County Jail for first degree murder and with so many witnesses to the crime, it is doubtful he will get out anytime soon.



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