Manhattan DA decides whether or not to prosecute an elderly man for jaywalking

By Victoria Greene,

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is deciding whether or not to prosecute an elderly man arrested for jaywalking.

Kang Chun Wong, 84, was walking on the Upper West Side on January 19 and was stopped by an officer, according to CBS New York.

Wong, a retired restaurateur who speaks only Chinese and Spanish, said he was crossing the street on a green light, but it turned red while he was crossing. When he reached the sidewalk, officers demanded his identification and Wong complied with the order. However, when the officers tried to walk away with his identification, Wong demanded it back and things went awry.

Wong was handcuffed, pushed into a wall, then knocked to the ground. He was left bloody and unconscious and said his family didn’t know where he was after the encounter.

According to The New York Daily News, Wong has no shortage of supporters who are asking the Manhattan DA to drop their case.

Wong’s attorney, Michael Bachner, has said the DA has three months to decide whether or not to follow through with the case.

Wong is reportedly planning to sue the NYPD for excessive force.



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