Marcia Gay Harden talks about working with 'Fifty Shades of Grey' co-star Jamie Dornan

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Marcia Gay Harden will co-star with Jamie Dornan in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Harden, who is set to play Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey in the movie, recently spoke about working on the movie.

The movie is about Christian Grey, who Dornan is playing, and is based on a book by E.L. James.

When talking about her current Irish co-star, Harden told Entertainment Weekly, "Behind the scenes, he’ll jump into an Irish ditty, or he was singing a lot of Rita Ora…he’s like [in Irish brogue], ‘Oh, you got that in brain now.’ We’re like, ‘Come back to America, because you got a scene in a minute.’ ‘But it’s in my brain!’ He’s sweet.”

The Oscar winner also spoke about the film with The Associated Press. She said that the fact that Dornan is an unkown actor will be the film's advantage.

"I think the point is to have somebody mysterious because if you have somebody with too much pedigree to them ... you can't stop thinking about the pedigree. You just can't," she told the AP. "It's almost impossible in a film to do that."

Harden also said that Dornan was known to sing Rita Ora songs between takes. Dakota Johnson is also in the film, which is being directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The screenplay was written by Kelly Marcel.

Dornan previously starred on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

The film will hit theaters in February 2015.

image courtesy of NBC



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