Market fight in China sparks stabbing, six dead

By Kyle Johnson,

An argument between two vendors in a street market in southern China set off a stabbing, which left six people dead including the suspect.

Changsha police took to social media to state that the fight occurred in the Kaifu district and stemmed from an argument, reports The Wall Street Journal.

One vendor snapped and stabbed the other to death and then as he ran from the scene he stabbed four others. Two died instantly, but another two died after reaching the hospital.

The suspect was then shot by police as he continued to try and run away, according to CNN. Xinhua news agency said the vendors were Hebir Turdi and Memet Abla, with the former being the one who went on the stabbing spree.

"It was an internal dispute. One of their own people got stabbed to death," a witness said. "An old lady walked out of the shop there, and she was trying to mediate, saying 'Don't do this. You can talk through this.' Then she was suddenly hacked at."

The witness also noted that Turdi used normal kitchen knives that "were not long."

The incident comes only a two weeks after a mass stabbing occurred at the Yunnan Province rail station where 29 people were killed and over 120 were injured. This attack was not a spur of the moment occurrence though.



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