Marriage proves beneficial for heart health, study says

By Laura Hundemer,

A recent study has found that married couples are less likely to have heart or blood vessel problems. So, marriage proves beneficial for the heart in more ways than one.

According to The Almagest, the study consisted of over 3.5 million Americans. The results showed that married couples have a much lower risk of experiencing heart problems over single people. This is the largest study of this nature as past ones have not come close to studying people by the millions.

Part of the reason that couples have better heart health overall is because a person living alone may ignore healthy lifestyle actions, but a married couple has each other to encourage positive choices.

Dr. Jeffrey Berger, a cardiologist at NYU Langone and co-author of the study offers a possible explanation. “A partner can encourage you to move more, watch what you eat, see a health professional on a regular basis, things like that," he told the New York Daily News Friday.



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