Marysville teen dead, another injured after being hit by freight train

By Kyle Johnson,

A teen was killed and another injured on Friday night in Marysville, Calif. after they were struck by a freight train while on their way to a Sadie Hawkins dance.

They were hit along the tracks only about a block away from the town's high school, reports KFBK. The train engineer spotted the two teenagers and attempted to stop the train while honking the horn.

Reports say that the two teens were given ample time to get off the tracks, but for whatever reason, they ended up getting hit.

According to The Associated Press, the boy died, but the girl was rushed to Sutter Roseville Medical Center.

CalFire Marysville Capt. Dennis Hunt said that he knew the girl, whose name has not been released. "Marysville is a small but busy city. Everybody knows everybody, so it was pretty traumatic."

The sound of the horn going off caused people to drift away from a nearby little league game to see what was happening. Marysville Little League's Diane Washburn noted she had hoped kids wouldn't witness the scene. "Once they see that, that can't be unseen."



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