Mass. inspector general claims Annie Dookhan is 'sole bad actor' in state drug lab scandal

By Kyle Johnson,

The Massachusetts inspector general claims that Annie Dookhan is the "sole bad actor" at a state drug lab mired in scandal, but the probe into the lab still found 2,300 other cases that need closer examination.

Though Dookhan is primarily at fault as she faked test results and mishandled evidence in criminal trials, the William A. Hinton State Laboratory still was plagued by additional issues, such as "inadequate training," management problems and poor protocols instituted at the lab, according to The Associated Press. The last issue was how she was able to get away with her actions for so long.

The Boston Globe reports that the 2,300 cases Dookhan wasn't involved in will be examined separately as a way to look into how accurate the lab was with its conclusions.

Dookhan was with the state lab for nearly 10 years and involved in over 40,000 cases, with many of those now in questions after she had been discovered to be tampering with evidence, lying under oath and putting together incorrect reports.

She is currently serving between three to five years in prison after pleading guilty and claims her actions were done because she wanted to be seen as a great employee, despite lying under oath about her qualifications for the job.

So far Massachusetts has had to spend millions looking into 40,323 cases she worked on and defendants affected by Dookhan's actions have called to be released or given a new trial, while others have actually been arrested on new charges.

Cases where she was called upon to examine another's findings, however, aren't being questioned as investigators were unable to find any problems.



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