McDonald's at war with Taco Bell, offers free coffee

By Joy Perrone,

After Taco Bell recently launched a new breakfast menu, McDonald's is feeling the pressure to compete. It has announced that stores will be offering free coffee during morning rush hours.

Taco Bell recently introduced a full breakfast menu that features the waffle taco, breakfast burrito, and Cinnabun doughnut holes and McDonald's is definitely feeling the heat of competition to bring in the fast-food breakfast crowd.

In retaliation, McDonald's announced Friday that it will be offering free coffee during breakfast hours from March 13 through April 13, reports the New York Daily News .

Taco Bell recently launched a commercial promoting their new breakfast menu, featuring a group of men named Ronald McDonald proclaiming how much they love the chain's breakfast items.

USA Today reports that the breakfast market is a $50 million industry, and McDonald's is now having to deal with competition from Starbucks as well. McDonald's senior vice president Greg Watson hopes the free coffee will entice customers to pick up a bag of breakfast goodies on their way out.



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