Miami officials don't want to host Ultra Music Festival next year

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

The Ultra Music Festival, which concluded on March 30, did not conclude without incident. A security guard was trampled by a mob of people on March 28.

According to The Guardian, Marc Sarnoff, one of Miami's city commissioners, told NBC, "It is time for Ultra to go away. We have always talked about people getting trampled and now it happened."

According to Billboard, Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff agrees with the Mayor that the incident could have been avoided. Festival organizers are working with authorities at this point in an investigation regarding the incident.

Security guard, Erica Mack, was in critical condition with a broken leg and brain hemorrhaging. She was receiving treatment at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida.

Miami officials say the festival organizers did not follow the police directive's directions to reinforce their fence on time. Officials say that a similar event happened last year, involving roughly 500 people. The Commissioner feels that that Ultra should not take place in Miami after this year.



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