Michael Jordan apologizes to 76ers' Tony Wroten for sneaker malfunction

By Raquel Luster,

Michael Jordan personally apologized to Tony Wroten for a sneaker malfunction that occurred during a game Friday in Philadelphia.

"It was more embarrassing than anything. But things happen. I got an apology from Jordan. Yeah … He called my agent,” Wroten said Wednesday in an interview with The Delaware News Journal.

Wroten, 20, is the shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. He was wearing Nike Air Jordan 10 sneakers, a style originally released in 2005. The issue happened to the right shoe during fourth quarter.

The 76ers lost the game to the Indiana Pacers and, according to ESPN, it was the 76ers' 19th loss in a row. The team extended that losing streak to 22 on Wednesday.

A few other members of the NBA have had issues with shoes. Manu Ginobili and Andrew Bogut have seen mishaps to their Nike shoes during a game, making this the third occurrence in approximately two weeks, according to The News Journal.

photo: By Joshua Massel. Cropped by en:User:Quadzilla99 (original flickr source,) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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