'The Middle' Recap: 'Stormy Night'

By Amanda Jo Scott,

A new singing reverend, some jail time, and a romantic reunion round out the latest episode of The Middle.

Sue discovers Reverend Tim Tom has a new girlfriend, Reverend Tammy. She’s a singing Reverend, just like Reverend Tim Tom. However, Sue is extremely unimpressed. She doesn’t want to accept Reverend Tammy’s advice and is rude to her (as rude as Sue can actually be). She prays for them to get into a huge fight. When she sees how sad Reverend Tim Tom is after he and Reverend Tammy fight, she feels guilty and sad. She talks it out with Reverend Tim Tom, who assures her that she’s a good person. No worries, though. Reverend Tammy comes back in to make up with Reverend Tim Tom. They sing their apologies to one another as Sue happily watches.

Axl and Cassidy reunite over spring break. They talk for a few minutes before they start kissing. When Mike asks Axl about staying out late with Cassidy, Axl admits that they’re “having fun,” but they haven’t actually talked about anything. She leaves soon and he has no idea where they stand or what she wants. They day arrives. Cassidy is ready to head back to New York. Axl comments that they didn’t really find any time to talk. She says she has a surprise for him. She painted a picture for him. She thinks sometimes art can say it all. He says how much he loves the painting and what it means, even though he has no clue what it actually means. She drives off thinking he knows what the painting means. Axl looks to Mike for some help in deciphering the painting, but he has no clue either.

Frankie is arrested for an overdue library book. She apparently ignored three letters and two summons. As she’s being taken away, she tells Brick to let Mike know. Brick tells her they need cereal if she’s heading out. Later that night, the family is having dinner sans Frankie. Frankie finally comes home and Brick remembers to tell Mike that Frankie was arrested. She’s extremely upset that no one came to get her. She thinks they’re family is too focused on every man for himself instead of acting unified like The Brady Bunch family.

She forces everyone to help her look for the book, Stormy Moon and she blames Brick for the lost book. When she can’t find it, she decides to take Brick with her to court to throw him on the mercy of the court. At court she explains that Brick lost the book and he shouldn’t be punished because books are his only friends. Her and Mike also say they can’t believe the justice system is spending time on overdue library books when there’s worse crimes being committed. They shouldn’t be punished over a book they can’t even remember. For all they know, it could have been stolen from their house. The judge then reads the summary for Stormy Night.

It’s a lust-filled romance novel that Frankie obviously checked out and never returned. She gives in and writes a check for $180, but asks them to wait a week to cash it. Brick is so intrigued by the book’s summary that he heads to the library to borrow it. He says it’s a real page-turner.

image: ABC



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