Mila Kunis flaunts her engagement ring at a Lakers Game

By Elaine Alluin,

The former That 70's Show costars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were engaging in major PDA action at a Lakers game, and not only did we see the cute kisses but Kunis' diamond engagement ring as well.

Kutcher, 35, and Kunis, 30, have been dating since 2012. Their relationship has made the headlines with rumors of their engagement and it is now confirmed with the sparkling diamond ring Kunis is wearing. People posted a close up picture of the flawless ring that took the spotlight at the Lakers game.

A friend gave some inside scoop to the style of the ring and how it represents the couple perfectly. The couple’s friend said, “It’s a simple band with a round diamond. No baguettes, no insets. It’s not ostentatious, like a Kim Kardashian ring. She doesn’t need a security team with her to wear it. It’s a lot like her and Ashton.”

E! Online reports that when the couple was caught kissing, Kunis tried to hide the intimate moment by pulling Kutcher’s cap down. As a result it lead to the crowd getting a full view of the engagement ring. The lovely couple are no strangers in indulging in a little PDA in their courtside seats. Kutcher and Kunis are infamous for being caught in the Kiss-Cam.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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