Miley Cyrus uses teleprompter at Bangerz concert

By Joy Perrone,

It looks like rebellious star Miley Cyrus has a little trouble remembering her song lyrics, as new pictures show Cyrus using a teleprompter during her Bangerz concert performances.

In the fan-taken images posted to Radar Online , viewers can see Cyrus enlisting the help of a teleprompter as she sings the lyrics to her popular songs. The photos show the back of Cyrus, clad in a sparkly, high-cut leotard, standing in front of a screen as her lyrics flash across it. The fan who snapped the shot told Radar that they were taken at the Vegas stop of the tour, and that they "couldn’t believe she needed a teleprompter with lyrics to all of her songs throughout the entire concert.”

Embarrassing? Definitely. This newest scandal is just another mark against Cyrus' tour, as it was previously in danger of being shut down due to her sexual antics on stage. The "We Can't Stop" singer also made headlines for an on-stage makeout session with pal Katy Perry, as we previously reported.

The fan went on to say that the teleprompter came in use for Cyrus: “I caught her looking at them more than a few times!” Miley may want to focus more on her vocal skills and memorization, as the fan added that the concert was "entertaining," but the singer "didn’t sound great."

Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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