Minkus will appear on 'Girl Meets World'

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Lee Norris will play Minkus on the new Disney show 'Girl Meets World'

All '90s kids have been on the edge of their seats awaiting the arrival of the Boy Meets World spin-off, and new Disney series, Girl Meets World.

There’s been a lot of buzz and rumors circulating about who will, and will not, be rejoining the cast or making guest appearances, but don’t fret. Brainy Minkus will definitely be making a comeback, according to Us Magazine.

Lee Norris, who played the clever teacher’s pet Minkus, plans to reprise his role for the new show. Fans and co-actors alike couldn’t be any more excited.

"I've had a great time being back on set with some of my old friends," Norris told E! News. "It still amazes me how many people love and remember Minkus, and I'm excited for the fans to catch up with him after all these years."

Norris is also known for his role as Mouth on One Tree Hill and is said to guest star in at least one episode of Girl Meets World. Along with Minkus, Mr. Feeney will show up in the pilot episode, most likely filled with wisdom and quick wit.

"Girl Meets World is a new show for a new generation that will be rooted in the same kind of honest, comedic storytelling about coming-of-age and the importance of family and friendship that made Boy Meets World so popular," creator Michael Jacobs said.

The show is said to premiere this upcoming summer on the Disney Channel and is already set for 21 episodes in the first season.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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