Minnesota Orchestra President Michael Henson resigns

By Rebekah Penner ,

Michael Henson, the Minnesota Orchestra president, has announced that he will resign. Come August, Henson, will officially end his time with the orchestra, making way for a new music director.

With Henson leaving the orchestra, this could result in the return of the orchestra’s former music director, Osmo Vanska, who left during the extended lockout, reported The New York Times.

"It is never easy to be an agent of change, but Michael leaves the Minnesota Orchestra secure, on more solid financial footing and established in a beautifully renovated venue that will meet the needs of our organization, audiences and community for decades to come," chairman of the orchestra’s board, Gordon M. Sprenger, said in a statement. He also praised Henson's work during the orchestra's crisis.

As previously reported, the Minnesota Orchestra experienced a 16-month lockout that only ended last month.

With the lockout ending, Vanska suggested that Henson would have to leave in order for the orchestra to heal appropriately. There is no word yet on if Vanska will return now that Henson is resigning.

With the ongoing labor battle in Minnesota, the orchestra experienced high annual deficits that caused it to begin using its endowment. Although the company originally stated that the musicians would be receiving a third pay cut after the lockout to $78,000 a year, this was changed to only 15 percent. Previously, the musicians have been paid $113,000 a year. However, they will now be paid $96,824.



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