Mississippi man found alive in found bag two weeks ago dies

By Kyle Johnson,

The Mississippi man who was found alive inside of a body bag two weeks ago has truly died this time.

The 78-year-old Walter Williams was found dead at his home on Thursday and a coroner confirmed his passing, reports The Associated Press. Williams' cause of death has not been released.

As previously reported, Williams was pronounced dead two weeks ago and placed inside of a body bag while funeral employees were preparing to embalm him.

The only thing was, Williams hadn't actually died and he was discovered trying to get out of the body bag. After he was pulled free, Williams was taken to the hospital where he was given medical attention and was doing well enough to breathe on his own.

No one was entirely sure how he was still alive, with some assuming that perhaps his pacemaker had simply started working again. MS News Now notes that Williams family wasn't mad at being told he had died, when he was still alive.

Gracie Williams said, "People ask me if we're mad with the coroner and I said no he did his job, it's God's work and we're happy."



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