Mississippi man who came back to life after being pronounced dead has now died

By Morgan Cox,

Just last month, a Mississippi man was pronounced dead and placed in a body bag only to come back to life before his embalming. The man started breathing and kicking at the funeral home where he was taken. As of Thursday, March 13, Walter Williams, was pronounced dead at the age of 78.

"I think he's gone this time," Williams' nephew, Eddie Hester said.

According to Reuters, Williams had been receiving hospice care for end-stage cardiovascular disease before he had his first near death experience that occurred two weeks before his actual death.

The hospital staff explained that Williams seemed to be struggling with a severe case of low blood sugar. The condition, when combined with his medicines, could have made it difficult to find a pulse which could be the reason why Williams had appeared dead two weeks prior.

"We're at peace, we know he has fought a good fight," said his daughter, Mary Williams. "His sister was able to make it into town, and he got to see his last grandchild, and all of his grandkids. That was a blessing."

USA Today noted that the family stated that they knew his time was soon to come but they felt like God had a reason for keeping Williams on earth an extra two weeks.

"He told us, 'It's all up in the Lord's hands. Whatever the Lord says, I'm willing to do. Y'all just accept it,'" his daughter Gracie Williams said.



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