Mississippi man who woke up in a body bag two weeks ago has passed away

By Elaine Alluin ,

Walter Williams, 78, who was pronounced dead before waking up in a body bag on February 26, has passed away.

People reports that Williams died on Thursday due to congestive heart failure. In the midst of Williams’ death, his family is extremely grateful to have had more time with him. They believe his second chance at living was a miracle and a blessing.

His daughter, Mary Williams, told Clarion Ledger, “We're at peace, we know he has fought a good fight. His sister was able to make it into town, and he got to see his last grandchild, and all of his grandkids. That was a blessing."

Williams, a lifelong farmer, first made the news headlines with his near death experience. On February 26 he was declared deceased by a coroner because they could not find a pulse. When Williams arrived to the funeral home he began to move.

Once Williams was in the hospital, he wasn’t aware of the incident and believed he was in a deep sleep. Family member Gracie Williams recounts what Williams told his family after waking up.

“He said, ‘I had to be sleeping through all this,’ and we said, ‘Daddy, you were dead,’” she said. “This is God’s work. This is God’s work. And we’re happy we’ve got a little more time with him.”



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