Monopoly asks players to pick favorite house rules for special edition

By Daniel S Levine,

Hasbro knows that Monopoly is a tough game to play by the rules and that fans frequently create their own rules. So, the company is using Facebook again to have fans vote on a big change to the game. Their favorite common house rules will be included in a new special edition out this fall.

The toy company, which has been releasing Monopoly since 1991, promised traditionalists that the old rules will not change, but “fans who love playing with ‘house rules’ will now have the opportunity to play them in their game,” reports The New York Times.

Fans are already debating the house rules on Facebook, with a new rule added on the page each day until April 3. At that point, Hasbro will pick five that will be added to the rules for a special edition. These will also be added to the official Monopoly game guide in 2015.

The rules have been mostly the same since the 1930s, when the game was first released. Many of the new ones give players more cash for things like rolling snake eyes or actually landing on Go instead of passing it, notes E! News.

Hasbro has used Facebook in the past to make changes for Monopoly. Last year, the iron token was voted off the game board, but somehow the thimble survived.



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