More confirmed deaths in Washington mudslide

By Chris Carter,

There have been more confirmed fatalities at the site of the devastating mudslide in Washington state.

According to CNN, the death toll has climbed to a total of 21 people, with an additional four bodies found in the debris that have yet to be identified.

The landslide occurred in Snohomish County on March 22, ripping its way through homes and destroying everything in its path, even blocking a section of a highway.

As TheCelebrityCafe.com previously reported, there were eight confirmed deaths and 108 reported missing.

In a statement to CNN's State of the Union, Washington Governor Jay Inslee said, "We are hoping for a miracle. We are going to do everything we can to look for that miracle and care for these (affected) families."

The total number of unaccounted for people is now down to 30, CNN also reported.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, officials have found some people who were previously thought to be missing are actually safe.

The Science Monitor reported Pastor Michael De Luca, a member of the First Baptist Church in Darrington, Wash., as saying, “We found one guy living right next to the post office. He was quite surprised to find he’d been listed as missing or dead.”

Emergency crews and rescue dogs are working around the clock in search of survivors.



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