Mother of twin girls used her body as a ‘speed bump' to save her children

By Elaine Alluin ,

Mindy Tran’s maternal instincts shined through as she used her body as a speed bump to keep her two children out of harms way.

People reports that the 22-year-old mother is recovering from the injuries that were inflicted on her from an accident at the hospital, which saw her using her body to stop her rolling car that her children were in.

Tran told ACFP6 >WCVB why she did it, saying, "I had to use myself as a speed bump to slow it down enough for one of my neighbors to get in and completely stop the car.”

Tran had backed up her Honda into the garage and said the car was in park. She had already buckled up her 2-year-old twin in the back and proceeded to go lock the door of her apartment. That is when the accident occurred as Tran saw her Honda moving.

"I was like, 'What is going on?' And I see my daughter sitting there in the backseat and of course my first instinct is, 'I have to push the car back into the driveway,” said Tran.

A neighbor saw the struggle Tran was in and jumped into the Honda to stop it from moving. The twin girls were then taken out of the car.

Firefighters were called to the scene and they used airbags to lift the car off Tran. She sustained a crushed left knee and dislocated right leg.

It will take time for Tran to recover, but she says it was all worth it for her two children.

"It was all for my kids,” said Tran. “I'm just glad my kids are fine."



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