Neil Young discusses the Pono Music Player at SXSW

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

At his recent appearance at SXSW, Musician Neil Young discussed some creative new devices for the future of the recording industry.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Young said, "When all the artists and engineers, all the arrangers and musicians that played on giant tracks by people like Phil Spector, with 12 tambourines and two pianos -- those people were still in the studios in Los Angeles, playing. But all of [that] started to die…And it was because of the MP3 and the cheapening of the quality to the point where it was practically unrecognizable."

Young spoke about new devices at the Ballroom D of the Austin Convention Center. One of the many topics was the Pono music player. The new music player looks like a triangle and can play from existing musical libraries. Pono CEO John Hamm took the stage for a Q&A session with Young, who found this to be a smart alternative to MP3s. The Kickstarter campaign for Pono was started yesterday. ‘Pono’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘righteousness,’ according to NME.

The music, film and technology festival, SXSW, will continue through the end of the week.



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