New machine turns water into wine

By Laura Hundemer,

Two people have created a machine that successfully turns water into wine. Consumers simply add a few ingredients to the Miracle Machine and can enjoy their own wine in the privacy of their own home.

The two entrepreneurs who created the Miracle Machine are Kevin Boyer and Philip James, a couple of veterans in the wine world. According to the Liberty Voice Boyer said, “We joked about the wine to water miracle and how with today’s technology it would not only be possible, but likely."

They then created the machine that contains a small chamber that uses heaters, transducers, and sensors to create a controlled environment for the wine to be fermented. All users would have to do is add water and a packet of ingredients based on the type of wine they were creating.

According to the Independent, the Miracle Machine is priced at $499 and comes with a plunger and various internal chambers.

The estimated fermenting time is around three days.



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