New study suggests Facebook contributes to eating disorders

By Rebecca Walezak,

A new study suggests that too much time spent on Facebook can contribute to eating disorders in women.

The study, according to Detroit Free Press, focused specifically on 960 college females.

Researchers found that almost all of the woman went on Facebook for 20 minutes at a time, averaging about an hour total a day.

The more time an individual spent on Facebook, the more concern they appeared to have about their body shape and weight. These woman appeared to set a goal for getting many comments and “likes.”

Salon reports that Facebook is likely not the only factor in people with eating disorders, as fashion magazines will also cause anxiety in women who are overly concerned about their weight.

However, researchers expressed concern over how much of an effect Facebook had on those who were being studied in a lab setting, rather than a comfort setting within their home.

The study is published in its entirety in the International Journal of Eating Disorders.



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