New York firefighter arrested for assaulting a pregnant woman

By Victoria Greene,

A New York firefighter and his wife have been arrested for attacking a pregnant woman.

According to the Mid-Hudson News, Charles Clayton, 38, and Lashea Clayton, 35, of Pleasant Valley confronted a 32-year-old woman in an attempt to force her to relinquish the title of her car. While the car is in the name of the victim, police say there is a dispute between the Clayton family and the pregnant woman over who truly owns the vehicle.

Lashea Clayton beat the unnamed victim, who is seven months pregnant, while Charles Clayton took the woman’s purse and other belongings.

The victim’s children were present at the time of the incident as was her mother, who is a correction’s officer. The victim’s mother stopped the assault and held Clayton and his wife until the Mt. Vernon Police Department arrived.

The victim was taken to Lawrence Hospital for bruises and abdominal pains.

According to News 12 Westchester, Charles Clayton, who is a firefighter for the Mount Vernon Fire Department, has been in trouble often since 1996, and this incident brings the number of times he’s been arrested up to eight. He has been arrested once since becoming a firefighter six years ago.

Clayton and his wife have been charged with robbery and assault. Those charges may be upgraded if anything happens to the pregnant woman’s unborn child.



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