NFL veteran Julius Peppers signs with Green Bay

By Laura Hundemer,

On Saturday it was announced that the Green Bay Packers signed defensive end Julius Peppers. Peppers got picked up by the Packers just four days after being released by rivals, the Chicago Bears.

According to ESPN, Peppers’ agent, Carl Carey, confirmed that Peppers signed a three-year contract worth up to $30 million. Of that $30 million, Peppers will receive a salary of $8.5 million for the upcoming season.

Peppers has been in the NFL for 12 season and has gone to the Pro Bowl eight times. The defensive end has a great reputation throughout the league and his new teammates are excited about his arrival.

According to Fox Sports, defensive lineman Mike Daniels said, "Looking forward to line up next to/learn from one of the best pass rushers, Julius Peppers."

Peppers, 34, came into the league in 2002 with the Carolina Panthers and won Defensive Rookie of the Year. He went on to play there for eight seasons before being signed by the Chicago Bears for four years.



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