Is Nike endorsing Kristen Stewart?

By Elaine Alluin,

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is known for her laid back tomboy appearance. She is notable for wearing sneakers with couture dresses on the red carpet. Even though Stewart is a fan of Nike there is no confirmation of an endorsement deal.

A spokesperson for Nike North America Communications told E! Online, "Kristen is very talented and we're delighted she chooses to wear Nike, but we're not currently in discussions with her over an endorsement contract."

The rumors of an endorsement deal surfaced when Stewart flaunted her signature style of wearing Nikes on the red carpet.

Radar Online fueled the rumors by reporting a source saying, "The company obviously wants to broaden its base from athletes to actors, and, in particular, appeal to young women. Nike execs believe that with her tomboy cool image, Kristen would be the perfect celebrity spokeswoman to create some new excitement about the brand."

Despite what has been circulating, Nike says that Stewart will not be representing the brand any time soon. Though it is safe to say that Stewart will still continue to wear her tennis shoes on the red carpet.

Image Wikimedia Commons



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