NJ Gov. Chris Christie calls aides' actions in Bridgegate scandal 'incredibly stupid'

By Daniel S Levine,

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was exonerated from any link to the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal in a new report released Thursday. Christie called the actions of his aides ‘incredibly stupid’ and denied that his personal style inspired his aides to conspire to create a traffic jam on the busiest bridge in the world.

Christie spoke with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer for last night’s Nightline episode and said that the report was not whitewashed just because it was done by an outside law firm his office picked. He said that the report should be seen as credible because of the professionals who investigated the matter.

“These people have their own professional and personal reputations,” he told Sawyer. “Six of them were former federal prosecutors. They're not going to whitewash anything for me and put their reputations at stake.”

The Republican governor admitted that the scandal has been tough on his professional life, but he has continued to say that he had no connection with it. He also said that his tough personal style should not have encouraged political bullying.

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“I don’t think anyone would take that as an indication to do something so incredibly stupid,” he said, later adding, “You asked if I contributed to a climate, and I don’t believe that I did.”

It has been alleged that the motivation for the lane closures last September were to get back at Fort Lee’s mayor for not supporting Christie’s re-election campaign. Christie said he was baffled by that and anyone who knows him wouldn’t believe that “doing something inexplicably stupid would please me.”

“It defies credulity to me,” Christie said. “Which is why when things were first reported, I said, 'This can't possibly be true.' Because who would do something like that? Sometimes, people do inexplicably stupid things.”

Christie isn’t done with another media tour. Deadline reported that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly also interviewed the governor. The first part will be seen during The Kelly File tonight, with the second half being shown on Monday.



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