N.J. Gov. Chris Christie talks bridge scandal, marijuana and the missing airplane at town hall

By Kyle Johnson,

Speaking at a town hall meeting, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie discussed the bridge scandal, marijuana and the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

At the meeting, business owner Fred Kanter criticized Christie for firing his former aide Bridget Kelly for lying about her role in the George Washington Bridge lane closures, reports The Associated Press, suggesting she should have been fired for her actual involvement.

Christie, who had previously said she was fired for lying, elaborated and said, "There were lots of reasons for the firing." He added, "If she had told me the truth, she would have been fire too, because of what she did."

The governor also denied that he knew, or had any involvement in, the bridge scandal.

In attendance at the town hall meeting were protesters who wore white shirts with letters that spelled out "Bridgegate," though they refrained from loudly heckling Christie during the event like in the past.

Once the bridge scandal was addressed, CNN notes, one woman stepped forward and questioned Christie on his policy towards marijuana, saying her friend was sentenced to two years in jail for using the substance for pain.

After he asked if she even actually knew his stance towards pot, Christie said that he supports the use of medical marijuana for those who have no other option left and even signed legislation that would allow sick minors access to edible marijuana.

Christie then explained that was as far as he would be willing to go. "I will not decriminalize marijuana. I will not permit recreational use, and I will not legalize marijuana."

The subject of the missing passenger plane also came up and Christie said it was an "extraordinary mystery" and that he is not in the know when it comes to information on search for the plane.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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