NOAA's Spring Outlook sees possibility of moderate flooding in Midwest, continued drought in West

By Kyle Johnson,

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released its Spring Outlook and reports that the Midwest could see moderate flooding this spring, but things will continue to be dry for the West, which doesn't help California.

According to NOAA, the Midwest could see flooding from its rivers as the snowfall begins to melt, with the Great Lakes area most likely to get hit. The East won't fare much better.

The flooding won't start until well into April as winter weather will continue for a short while longer, leaving ice frozen. The lower temperature and weather has lead to ice jams. The severity of the flooding will also be at the mercy of how quickly the weather warms up combined with rainfall.

The Associated Press spoke with residents of Maine, with one, Rich Maggi, saying, "I'm just looking forward to not bundling up." He added, "I think this was hard on even the most winter-hardened people."

Meanwhile, over in the West, it doesn't appear like weather fortunes are set to improve anytime soon. Parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona could also begin to see drought conditions.

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center acting operations chief Jon Gottschalck said, "Looking forward, we see little improvement unfortunately in some of the most impacted drought areas."



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