North Korea test fires 25 rockets into sea

By Rebecca Walezak,

As protests continue over U.S. South Korean military drills, North Korea has fired 25 short-range rockets into east coast seas on Sunday, March 16.

South Korean officials reported that these tests are typically considered to be routine and are better than long-range rocket or nuclear tests, according to the Associated Press. Long-range firing is condemned in the area, so the short-range firing have been fairly consistent.

North Korean officials stated that the tests are in preparation for an invasion and are self-defense drills. The type of rockets that were tested on Sunday are not clear.

According to AFP, Washington has urged that these tests be stopped immediately because they can cause tension between both Koreas. Some believe that these tests are indications of a fourth atomic bomb test.

Despite all recent tensions, North and South Korea are currently having a positive swing. There was recently a reunion for families divided by the Korean War after three years of separation. This is good news for the otherwise harsh relationship at the border.



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