Nun's truck towed while delivering food to homeless

By Morgan Cox,

A New Orleans nun may have been doing a good deed, but it left her with a pricey ticket.

The St. Jude Community Center in New Orleans serves breakfast and lunch to nearly 200 homeless people each day. Sister Beth Mouch was delivering food to help feed the homeless Wednesday when she came returned to find her truck being towed.

"He was not connected to the truck, but he was backing up and I said, 'Please, sir, stop. I am getting ready to move,' and he wouldn't, he kept going," Mouch said.

Despite Mouch's pleas to let her move her vehicle, her truck was still towed.

"I had no ticket, he just took off," Mouch said. "Yes, I was very surprised. If he said rules are rules, well I thought the rule was you had to have a ticket first. I had no ticket."

According to Yahoo! News, this isn't the first time a volunteer has had their vehicle towed or received a ticket while delivering to the community center.

A city spokesperson investigated the incident and left it with this statement: "In this instance, the vehicle was blocking a public right-of-way, which is a violation of the city's parking rules. We will continue to work to both educate drivers on the city's parking regulations and to provide positive customer service experiences to the public."

WWL noted that Mouch is not asking for her fine to be waived, but she is asking for the city to consider further training for their tow truck drivers and meter maids.

"They need to understand that we are a hospitable city, and to treat people with much needed respect goes a long way and is much appreciated," Mouch said.



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