NYC drug suspect wanted for double murder in Pa.

By Michelle Kapusta,

Authorities have said that a man arrested on drug charges Wednesday in New York City is also wanted in connection with a double homicide in Pennsylvania.

According to NBC 4, police have said that Laquan Anderson Pierrelouis was arrested by officers who allegedly saw him buying something from another man in Brooklyn. After police allegedly found several pills on him the 23-year-old was arrested and charged with misdemeanor drug possession.

Pierrelouis initially told investigators that his name was Spencer Johnson. His real identity was revealed when he was fingerprinted, and then it became clear why the man tried to hide his true identity.

There was an arrest warrant out for him, the New York Daily News noted.

The alleged slayings happened on Nov. 23 of last year in York, Pa. Authorities said that Pierrelouis and another man may have been involved in a drug deal with the victims. The deal allegedly went south and two men Braydon Aldinger and Derek Ferree, were shot to death.

The man Pierrelouis was with the night of the alleged double murder was arrested in December.



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